[[yooooo. So apparently when you make something you’re really proud of and want others to enjoy, you get the word out there. So this is me telling you, fellow Walking Dead fan, that if you love the show and you love tea, then oh my god look the best of both worlds!]]

Celebrate the return of Season 4 with a tea blend based on your favorite character! :D


Rick Grimes - (irish breakfast, tiger eye, toasted mate) A morning type of tea. With Ceylon and Assam taking the lead, the taste of chocolate and caramel close behind, and a certain roasty, coffee-like toastiness following. [ chocolate chips included]
Daryl Dixon - (mambo, assam melody, caramel) The combination may sound intimidating, but once you get to know it, you’ll never want to leave it’s side. Smooth, malty, and creamy with a touch of earthiness. Just keep calm, have a sip, and hide behind Daryl Dixon. He’s got your back.
Beth - (white peach, peach oolong, white peony) A ripe and juicy scent to follow the taste of peaches. A light, floral and semi-sweet taste as well, along with a subtle hint of dryness at the end, resembling peach fuzz!
Carl Grimes -  (irish breakfast, caramel, hazelnut) A very deep flavorful cup that tastes great with a little sugar and milk. With caramel and irish breakfast, and a sort of toasted-nutty aftertaste of hazelnut to top it off nicely. [accented with chocolate chips]
Phillip Blake - (chocolate chai, hazelnut, tiger eye) A very charming and inviting chai with the taste of warm spices, cocoa, hazelnut, and a hint of caramel. Try not to fall under it’s spell when you sniff the bag, or when you add some warm milk to it.
The Governor - (masala chai, lapsang souchong, tiger eye) The Governor has come for your surrender. A warm and spicy chai with ginger and cinnamon, and a faint hint of smokiness at the end. Don’t worry, it’s kept under control with the chocolate and caramel. [accented with cinnamon and ginger]
Judith Grimes - (white blueberry, earl grey green, white peony) A much lighter tea with the delicate taste of blueberries and the floral tang of earl grey.
KIRKMANIA! - (earl grey lavender, almond, caramel) Some men just want to watch the world burn. Crying, swearing, and losing faith in all you hold dear each Sunday night. Good job, Robert Kirkman! Consider this a comfort tea for those Sunday nights where we have to watch dead people come to life and every character we love die one at a time. [accented with blueberries]


Michonne - (earl grey bravo, blueberry, pu erh dante) A mysterious and headstrong blend that has a secret soft side to it. Fruity and earthy, and surprisingly somewhat calming. [update: NOW AVAILABLE]
Andrea - (wild strawberry, ginger, ceylon sonata) Sweet and jammy-tasting with a warm, soothing finish. It’s a trustworthy blend that’s only looking out for everyone, wanting nothing but peace and a long life for who they care about. [update: NOW AVAILABLE]
Hershel - (green chai, vanilla green, mandarin green) It’s just a little something to remind you of the old farm that had been in the Greene family for generations. A very light and spicy chai taste that balances well with a green tea flavor, along with the smooth tanginess of citrus and a hint of vanilla underneath. [accented with ginger, orange peels, and lemon verbena]
Glenn and Maggie - (Chocolate chai, strawberry, vanilla oolong) Time is precious when it’s love at the end of the world. A Warm and zesty blend of spices and cocoa with the taste of strawberries and chocolate.
Carol - (foxtrot, decaf mandarin green, decaf vanilla) A very nurturing, caffeine-free blend. Warm and soothing with the taste of chamomile and mandarin oranges, along with a hint of creaminess from the vanilla. [accented with lemon balm and orange peels]

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